Stade’s Rum Tours!

Expeditions into the history, passion, and pure pleasure of the island's most iconic spirit.

Foursquare is Rum Producer of the Year

Barbados' Foursquare Distillery has been recognized as Rum Producer of the Year... for the 8th year running!

Barbados Food and Rum Festival

Calling all foodies to the Barbados Food and Rum Festival in October, where the heart of Barbadian culture shines through with every bite and sip.

What is a Bajan ‘rum shop’?… according to AI

Well we had to jump on the Chat GPT bandwagon and see just how much the AI knows about that classic Barbados cultural icon - the traditional Bajan rum shop. Let's see what happened...

Barbados Shore Excursion: Rum Tour

Become immersed in the rum history and excellence of the island on this 6-hour Rum Tour.

New Barbados Sugar Mill

Barbados is now home to a new sugar mill, which will further boost local rum production through sugarcane and rum research.

Barbados Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy a variety of jigsaw puzzles featuring images of Mount Gay Rum, 10 Saints Beer, tropical cocktails, Barbados beaches, and local attractions.

Barbados Rum Shop Photos

A delightful visual guide to Barbados rum shops.

Mount Gay Rum Tour, Barbados

Pay homage to the rum that invented rum on this fun signature tour of the Mount Gay Visitor Center!

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