Frequently Asked Questions About Drinking in Barbados

What is the drinking age in Barbados?

The legal drinking age in Barbados is 18 years.
It is illegal in Barbados to sell or supply alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years.
Note that some bars & clubs may have their own entry requirements.
No person under the age of 18 years can be employed to sell or supply liquor.

What is the blood alcohol limit (BAC) in Barbados?

35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath;
80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood; or
107 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of urine

What are the penalties for drunk driving in Barbados?

In the case of a first conviction: a fine of BDS$5 000 or imprisonment for a term of 2 years, or both ;
On a second or subsequent conviction: a fine of BDS$10 000 or imprisonment for a term of 5 years, or both.

Convicted persons are also subject to lose their driving license.
For a first conviction this is for a period of 12 months; for a second conviction, 5 years; and for a subsequent conviction, permanently.

The laws of Barbados state that “No person shall drive, attempt to drive or be in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or in any other public place while that person
– is under the influence of drink or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the motor vehicle
– has consumed alcohol in such a quantity that the proportion in his breath or blood exceeds the prescribed limit”

Do I need a designated driver in Barbados?

If you intend to drink it’s always best to have a designated driver in your group or to use a taxi service. Do not risk driving drunk – the consequences for you and other road users are too serious.

Can I smoke in bars and clubs in Barbados?

No, smoking is not allowed in public places in Barbados. This applies to any building “that is fully or substantially enclosed”.

What is a Bajan ‘rum shop’?

A Bajan ‘rum shop’ is a traditional small bar that typically serves up rum by the bottle, accompanied by your mixer of choice and a bucket of ice! You’ll find literally hundreds of them all over the island. Rum shops have traditionally served as community hubs, and even when persons move out of an area they often return to their ‘village shop’ to meet up with friends.

Can I take a rum tour in Barbados?

Of course, there are lots of rum tours available where you’ll see how rum is made, discover the history of the spirit on the island, and maybe learn a few new rum cocktails! Click here for our favourite Barbados rum tours.

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