Private Mixology Classes in Barbados

Want to dive into the world of rum-based cocktails? Hang out with the best local mixologists and discover their secrets!

Rum cocktail and Stades Rum bottle in front of a tropical beach

West Indies Rum Distillery

This cool private master class takes place right on Brighton Beach at the distillery. Plus, you get a tour of the distillery and tasty local snacks to go with your cocktails. It’s like a deep dive into Barbados’ spirits and culture!

Master mixologist Dameain reveals how to create 3 rum-based cocktails, including traditional Bajan rum punch and a contemporary rum cocktail, as you savor the flavors and unique aromas of Barbados’ rums.

Master local mixologist creating a rum cocktail

Foursquare Rum Distillery

Kick things off with a breezy tour of a sugarcane plantation and the legendary Foursquare distillery, where you’ll see how rum goes from field to glass.

Then whip up three killer cocktails from scratch with star mixologist Shane! This private rum cocktail class will leave your taste buds buzzing with island vibes.

Our local mixologists have a deep understanding of the island’s flavors, ingredients, and cultural influences, information that they’re happy to share in these classes. They provide authentic insights into traditional drinks and the changing rum culture in Barbados.

They are at forefront of innovation, creating new twists on traditional cocktails and experimenting with local ingredients, offering a fresh perspective on mixology.

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