Bajan Rum Punch: The Definitive Guide

It's wonderful to see the diverse rum punch options on the shelves and at bars throughout Barbados. Here are some of our favourites.

Caribbean Cruise Cocktail

Let's make the Caribbean Cruise cocktail featuring spiced and dark rum!

Gayle Seale: Foursquare global brand ambassador

Meet Gayle Seale, who married into the local Seale family (synonymous with excellent Barbados spirits) and eventually became a global brand ambassador for Foursquare Rum distillery.

Barbados Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy a variety of jigsaw puzzles featuring images of Mount Gay Rum, 10 Saints Beer, tropical cocktails, Barbados beaches, and local attractions.

Barbados Rum Shop Photos

A delightful visual guide to Barbados rum shops.

Mount Gay Rum Tour, Barbados

Pay homage to the rum that invented rum on this fun signature tour of the Mount Gay Visitor Center!

Rum Recipe: Scorpion

A slightly sweet rum cocktail with a citrus flair.

Punch a Creme Recipe

Punch a Creme is a creamy rum-infused traditional Christmas drink enjoyed in Barbados.

Golden Jubilee Cocktail at Harold’s Bar

This special cocktail combines two Barbados rums and lots of mango.

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